An easy walk around Lunde Open Park. An arboretum of about 150 types of trees and shrubs from all over the world. Tha climate is mild exactly here, therefor exotoc plants can grow, even it is very close to Jostedalsbreen glaci er. The first tree was planted in 1880.s, the monkey puzzle tree is supposed to be the tallest in Scandinavia, together with three other varieties from China, Himalaya, New Zealand, Korea etc. By the fjord is a public bathing area with tables and benches, an ideal picnic spot. And a nice trail also with benches where you cab find a peaceful corner for you only.


Another easy going track, marked yellow, circulatin g round the hillside at Klibberg at Dragsvik up at the hillside from the hotel. Passi ng the mighty power cables that cross the fjord. Up on the hill walking on an easy trail. V iew points and benches at different places along the trail. Sit down and relax and find the p eace and quite having a look at the mountain and the fjord.


The road consists of gravel or grass and is 50-60 c m wide. Trainers are suitable in most weather conditions. The road is suitable for off-r oad cycling.

Start by Belehalli (sports hall app. 2 km from cent re of Balestrand). The first part of the road is an interpretive nature trail. Afterwards follow signpost to Granlia/Skåsheim and yellow marking. From Granlia one may follow signposts to S andstølen (short trail) or Skåsheim (longer trail).


Wander through Balestrand past and present, from th e quayside by the Kvikne’s hotel, stroll along the fjord side, see the Swiss style artists v illas, visit St Olafs church, King Bales statue and the Viking burial mounds. There are posters alo ng the road explaining what you see along the road. A folder at the Balestrand tourist office may guide you on your way.


TJUATOTEN (50-1098 m.o.h.)

Turen startar like ved hotellet ved å gå opp til st imerket ved rundkøyringa, forbi startpunktet til Klibberg natursti til parkeringsplassen ved Lun de bustadfelt.

Start; Turning off the main road on the road to the enamel workshop at Dragsvik, passing through housing site. First 400m follows the forest track up through the woods. Heavy rainfall can cause boggy conditions. Rich fauna an d habitat of red deer. Fine view point over Balestrand centre by the pylons with cables over Es efjord. The path continues on to “Storesteinane” (meaning large rocks) - winding its way up through birchwoods. Past “Storesteinane” the path becomes steep and precipit ous. Exceptional views. The cairns are in the middle of the plateau. Here you will find an old suncross on the ground.


A circular track with a variety of features. Passin g through the grounds of the Emaljerverket and going up a short steep slope through an oak wo od passing onto an easier section with dense fir trees and a mossy floor. At the highest p oint one meets the red marked trail to Tjuatoten follow this down , first to Lundestølen, which lies 5 meters from the track and so on down to the forest track to the road.

RAUDMELEN (972 m.o.h)

Start by Belehalli (sports hall). The first part of the road is an interpretive nature trail. Follow signposts to Raudmelen and red markings. Path comme nces with a brisk climb to Orramyri, where a path branches off to Balastølen (app. 400 m .a.s.l.) Continue past boggy woodland to Klukshaug 489 m.a.s.l. – a fine view point. Gentle slope before climbing steeply to the cairn on to summit Raudmelen. Beware of sheer drop on the north side. From the summit you may choose the Kaldbakk route (total 8h), the Fagra vatnet route (total 10h) or descend the same route you arrived.


Gaularfjellet lies to the north of Balestrand, app. 45 km from the centre of Balestrand. The Gaular watercourse runs on the north side of the mo untains offering trout and salmon fishing. Remember to buy a fishing permit. On the s outh side of the mountain, the road passes through 9 hairpin bends on its way down to B alestrand. The Gaularfjellet Mountain is a magnificent experience both from the car window a nd in the open air. There are excellent fishing spots and easy hiking terrain, ideal for th e whole the family.


Fossestien is a Nature trail from Gaularfjellet to Viksdalen, 21 km with a difference in altitude of 500meter. The path follows old trails t hat have been stamped by livestock and people. Along the way you will see 14 waterfalls an d 7 lakes. This splendid Nature path follows the main branch of the Gaular watercourse, which became a protected State asset in 1993 after many years of dispute.

Fossestien is distinctly marked with red F's, arrow s and signs with names and distances. The trek wanders alternately on paths, wooden bridges a nd footbridges along the river and in diverse forest terrain. You will pass by several cl usters of summer pasture huts. One group of huts is still in use today as a mountain pasture fa rm. The lowest section has a narrow gorge with steep sides, a little canyon.

The path winds its way through luxuriant vegetation , teeming with local flora and fauna, but also close by cultivated landscape, past farms with livestock etc. Take a container with you; there are plenty of wild berries to find and mushro oms. There are trout to be found along the entire river and in all lakes. You can purchase a fishing license at Hov Camping.


Turn off Route 55 (main road) about 7 km west of Ba lestrand. Good forest road climbs 7 km up hillside to Parking place at 620 m.a.s.l. The S aurdalen valley is an easy and accessible area with many alternative routes. As there are ar eas of wet moorland, waterproof boots are advisable. Follow signposts to Saurdal and whi te/yellow markings. Follow the path on the right as soon as you can spot the valley from t he first hill. Gentle and easy path along the valley beside streams and pools. Some wet areas alo ng the path. Distance: from 620 to 650 meters above sea level.


Det ideelle utgangspunkt

Hotellet vårt ligg midt i Sognefjorden og er ideell base for å dra på dagsturar til Jostedals – brèen, til kysten for å besøke vakre øyar og du kan ta fjordturar på Nærøyfjorden som er på UNESCOs verdsarvliste. Mykje meir kan du oppleve.


Anbefalte fjellturar

I dette landskapet er det unike turmuligheiter til fjells og ved fjorden. Du kan bestige høge fjelltoppar og oppleve den mest spektakulære utsikt . Mange vandreruter er moderate også med god utsikt. Alle godt merka i ulike vanskegrad .


Vakkert frå fjordsida

Å utforske naturen frå fjorden kan vere ei stor opp leving. Der ser ein verkeleg kor mektige fjella er. Du kan bli med på båt tur med Rib. Turar fører deg til fossefall lenger inne i fjorden og til veglause grender på sørsida av Sognefjorden.