Fjærland og brèane

You can drive to and park in Balestrand and start your dicovery there. You can also walk to the car ferry and take a quick ride to Hella.

Once you arrive on Hella you can take the passenger only ferry that goes deeper into Fjærlandsfjorden to the glacier. At the reception office you can find departure/return times and more information.

Another option is to drive or take a bus to Balestrand center. At the tourist office you can buy an all day pass that is a full rountrip tour that includes the boat followed by a bus that takes you to up to the glacier and back to Balestrand. Between June 1 and 31 August the boat travels two times a day from Balestrand center.

The boat trip to Mundal in Fjærland is a wonderful way to view the bluegreen majestic silence of Fjærlandsfjorden against the glacier. There is a bus/minibus that waits for the boat and takes you to the glacier museum. You have plenty of time to view exhibits, see the beautiful film about the glacier by Ivo Caprino, the climate park and much more. There is also a cafe where you can wait until the bus brings you back to the Mundal boat where you return to Balestrand.

From here you can return by taking the Hella ferry and transfer to the ferry going back to Dragsvik. You can also remain on the boat to Balestrand to pick up your car or wait in Balestrand for one hour and take the bus back to Dragsvik. Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes

Solvorn, Urnes og Marifjøra

You can take the ferry from Dragsvik and upon arrival Hella you go through Leikanger Sogndal. Take the right after the round about, keep straight, after Sogndal center go towards Oslo / Male Hiller, be sure to turn left again before the bridge (signposted to Lom)

After about 15 minutes turn right. YOu will see a sign to Solvorn. In Solvorn you can take a rest stop and see the well known local attractions and take a stroll through the village.

From Solvorn you can take the ferry, with or without your car, to Urnes and visit the Urnes Stave Church which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is a short stroll up the hill or you can drive and park by the church. You can take the ferry back and visit Luster, returning by way of Skjolden and Guapne to Sogndal.

You can take the main road after Solvorn and stay on that road a few minutes more to Marifjøra, which is off to the right 3 minutes more down to the fjord. This is a beautiful place to stop and schedule enough time to take a short boat ride on Lustrafjorden from Marifjøra.

You can take the same route back to SOgndal to return to Dragsvik. We can provide you with transportation schedules if you like! Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes


You can drive from the hotel between to beautiful fjords, Sværefjorden and Vetlefjorden. It takes about 20 minutes. After you drive around 9 hairpin turns you can stop and take in a spectacular view! This is one of the National tourist roads.

Over the mountain you will see Nystøl lake then you can park and take a little hike. Follow the red trail markers to Torsnesstølen. You can also continue along Sværaskarvatnet (lake) and go down to the valley-Sværaskarvatnet. You can also take the same path and return to where you started your short hike.
Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes

Sogn Folk Museum and Kaupanger Church

You can take the ferry from Dragvik over to Hella and drive to Sogndal. When you pass Sogndal center you can drive over the the bridge in the direction of Manhiller/Oslo. After 5-10 minutes from Sogndal you continue to the woods in Kaupanger and you will look for a sign for the Sogn Folkmus-Sogn Folk Museum which is on the right side of the road.

The folk museum in Kaupanger houses the Heibergske collection and you can discover and learn about the way things were during that period, you will see houses and builings honoring the history of this time. There are many great exhibitions and activities for children.

You can combine your museum tour with a visit to the boat museum in Kaupanger where there are exhibitions of boats that were in use throughout the years. Five minutes apart the Sogn Fjord Museum and the Boat museum er separate exhibitions and that are part of the Heibergske collection.
Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes

Hiking in Balestrand

Little hikes in the local area and mountain hikes. Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes

Glacier hikes on Nigardsbrèen

Experience the wonderous Jostedalsbreen up close and go on a glacier hike on the Nigardsbreen in Jostedalen. These are guided hikes are must be scheduled ahead of time at or

Etter du har kryssa fjorden frå Dragsvik til Hella, kan du ta buss frå Hella til Sogndal, eller du kan ta med bil og køyre heile vegen til Jostedalen. Endå eit alternativ er å leige bil frå . ( bringar bilen til Dragsvik) Velger du buss, b yter du buss i Sogndal og tek denne heile vegen opp til Brèsenteret der guidinga startar.

Dra tilbake til Dragsvik på same måten med buss og ferje, eller returner i eigen bil. Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes

Gamalosten i Vik og Fridtjovstatua på Vangsnes

Rett over fjorden frå Dragsvik/ Balestrand ligg kul turbygda Vik. Det finns to måtar å ta dagstur til Vik. Enten kan du ta ekspressbåten frå Balestrand til Vik ( 10 min ), eller du kan ta ferje frå Dragsvik til Vangsnes og buss vidare til Vik.

Det er fint å tilbringe nokre timar i Vik, vandre « Sølvring» - kultur løypa, og spasere opp til Hopperstad stavkyrkje og Hove steinkyrkje. Etter d enne vandreturen er det fint å ta ein stopp ved Ostebaren i Vik sentrum , der du kan smak e på Gamalosten, også lære litt om korleis den blir produsert. Koseleg stad å få smake på dei lokale produkta.

Det er tid for å returnere, og du kan enten ta eksp ressbåten tilbake frå Vik til Balestrand, eller du kan ta bussen tilbake til Vangsnes. Hugs d å å stå over ei ferje og besøk den enorme Fridtjovstatua som står i Fridtjovsparken oppe i ba kken. Lær litt om den vakre historia om Fridtjov den Frøkne og Ingebjørg, og kjærleikshisto ria om dei to.

Returner med ferje tilbake til Dragsvik. Read more: SMALL WALKING TOURS & Mountain Hikes





Ideal starting place

The hotel is in the midst of the beautiful Sognefjord and is a great starting point to take day tours to Jostedals Glacier. Take a trip to visit the beautiful peninsulas and take a fjord trip on the "Nærøyfjorden" which is on the UNESCO list. There is so much to do!



In the landscape surrounding is a unique access to the mountains and fjords. You can go on high mountain tops to expeience spectacular views. Many trails are moderate difficulty and all trails are well marked.


Beautiful coast.

You can experience nature directly from the fjords. It is absolutely a chorus of mountains that surround you. Hikes surrounding lead you to waterfalls and roadless hamlets on the south side of Sognjefjord.