Dragsvik is a unique little gem on the north side of Sognefjord in Balestrand municipality. There have not always been many inhabitants on Dragsvik. Many visitors traveled here and fell in love with the special feeling and inspiring nature of Dragsvik, and were so taken they built vacation homes. It is a lovely area where there is easy access to marked trails in the forests and mountains.

It is easy to get to Dragsvik, including by car. The ferry crosses the Sognefjord from Hella and Vangsnes from the south side of the Sognefjord. Dragsvik is the main route to Balestrand. This is the national tourist route called Guarfjell www.gaularfjell.no.

If you come from Bergen on the express boat or Flåm this route takes you to the small harbor in Balestrand. From Balestrand you can also take the bus to Dragsvik .
A rental car can be ordered to be available upon your arrival through www.leigebil.no
, or you can ask us to provide transportation if you make arrangements in advance.