GrĂ¹nder enka

Gjertrud's husband died very young leaving her alone to take care of the farm and children and also the post office in Farnes. A short while after she inherited the small farm on Dragsvik and decided with her own will to move there and build a guest house.


Bergtun, guest house moved from Farnes to Dragsvik

Gjestehuset Bergtun stands next to the main hotel. When the family relocated from the farm in Farnes they also moved the entire house to where it stands to this day.


The hosts for 60 years, Turid og Sigurd

Turid and Sigurd, Gjertrud's son, started running the guesthouse in the mid 1960's. They worked with the labor of love, sweat and dedication build up the hotel as it is today, adding additions to the hotel, the last being guest rooms and the dining area in 1983.